Info about Claudia’s 2018/19 Teaching Sessions at Nature’s Landscapes Art Quilt Retreat. FALL 2018 RETREAT: OCTOBER 25 through 28, 2018. The Spring Retreat has been discontinued, due to time and travel considerations. I will continue to hold the annual Fall retreat in October.

Big-K Autumn 2Claudia Law has been teaching Landscape Quilts for over a decade. At this retreat, you’ll learn how to make an art guilt, based on a photo of a place you love.

Or, you can create a quilt from any one of Claudia’s original designs, shown below.

Either way, you’ll learn how to utilize innovative techniques to create your own uniquely beautiful Landscape Art Quilt!

Watch this page to see a new original design by Claudia, that will be offered as a project for the October, 2018 retreat! The retreat venue will again be at the fabulous Big-K Guest Ranch, on the beautiful Umpqua River, near Elkton, Oregon.

P1000465 This is a new project being offered for my October, 2018 retreat. It features Free-Style piecing, painted 3-D Blue Butterflies, with a teaching focus for all attendees on color and how to use it to create the illusion of depth, distance, and movement in an art quilt. This project is called: “The Soft Sound of Wings”.

“After the Fall” 
3-D Embellishments
“Poppy Fields, Forever!”

When registering, please state which of these choices you would like to work on, and write it in the box on the Registration Page, which asks you to identify any special art quilt techniques you’d like to learn.

1: Your own photo art quilt (please attach a photo of your desired project).

Fall 2: “After the Fall” (FALL RETREAT ONLY)

3: “Ponderings”

4: “Poppy Fields, Forever!”

5: “Soft Sound of Wings”

Claudia’s Teaching Sessions fee is separate from Housing/Meals costs. See page on this website: “Teaching Sessions REGISTRATION FORM for the 2018 Nature’s Landscape Art Quilt Retreat”, for Teaching Sessions fees, and other information.

Enrollments for all retreats are limited to 20.
October 2018 Retreat: 7 spaces left

Claudia Law is an internationally recognized art quilter and teacher,
who has a seriously joyful relationship with fabric and the natural
world. Claudia’s vision is to capture the beauty of nature and power of
good design. She revels in color and rejoices in texture, movement,
luminosity and the illusion of transparency – using paints, fibers, folded
raw-edged fabric applique, beading, fabric
confetti, thread sketching, free-motion
quilting and 3-D fabric motifs as needed,
to bring life to each unique creation.
During this 4-day retreat you will:
• Discover how to use art media (paints,colored pencils and inks, and more) to enhance and enliven your art quilt.
• Embellish your quilt to add texture and interest.
• Develop an understanding of the intrinsic qualities of design elements that are either vertically or horizontally formatted, as well as the basic rules for creating believable landscape quilts.
• Find out how to create believably beautiful landscape quilts.
• Enrich your art quilt with your own hand-made 3-D fabric motifs and other embellishments.
• Receive a collection of fabrics that will help you in creating some of the major elements of the whole design.
• Have fun with Angelina fiber and fabric confetti, and learn how they can add texture and interest to your art quilts.
• Receive a collection of other supplies, such as hand-dyed tulle netting that will be used to secure your own hand-made fabric confetti.
• Discover the wonder of color, and how to use color and value to create the illusions of depth, transparency, luminosity and movement, using opaque fabrics in a flat format.
• Receive a paint palette and brushes to keep.
• Combine colored fabrics to suggest light reflection and luster.
• Enrich you art quilt with texture.
• Gain basic knowledge of free-motion quilting.
• Learn how to blend your design into the borders or binding or use borders to lend support to the main design.

RETREAT VENUE: Big-K Guest Ranch, on the banks of the Umpqua River, in Elkton, Oregon. BIG K 1BIG-K welcome-lodgingBIG K welcome-facilitiesBIG K CABIN 5Big-K Autumn:

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